Zilliqa’s Resumes Operations After Temporary Halt


The Zilliqa team assured the community that it will continue investigating the root of the recent network setback. 

Zilliqa, an ERC-20 blockchain focused on high transaction throughput, has restored its network operations after a temporary halt. Users can now resume transactions on the platform, although the cause of the disruption is still under investigation.  

The platform informed the community that the network is back online after experiencing temporary disruptions to block production on mainnet. While network functionality has been restored, the infrastructure team is still monitoring stability and diagnosing the underlying cause of the recent disruptions.   

How it Started

Zilliqa’s network disruption started on May 8 after it showed signs of block generation slowing down. The blockchain’s technical team has been active for nearly 48 hours, working to prevent further disruptions.  

On May 9, around 9:30 am UTC, the Zilliqa technical team detected a malfunction in which a null value was returned instead of a node’s RLP following a potentially invalid database lookup.

“The team has created internal rehearsal networks to recreate this issue and trial bug fixes, allowing for possible solutions to be tested within an isolated environment before progressing to Testnet and mainnet deployments,” the team said.  

By 2:30 pm UTC on May 9, the team had restored full functionality with a fix and deployed Zilliqa’s version 9.3.4 network upgrade, which includes enhancements to EVM compatibility. The team apologized for any inconvenience caused to users and the Zilliqa community.     

Another Network Setback

Interestingly, despite the fix and upgrade rollout, another disruption to block production occurred on Zilliqa’s mainnet around 7:05 pm UTC on May 9. The team then improved debugging processes to better diagnose and address the leading cause of the disruption.  

The Zilliqa team assured users that they would rectify and address the root of the recent network disruption. The team thanked the community for their patience and support during the resolution process.