What is BONK? An ABC Guide to Solana’s Most Popular Memecoin

What is BONK Crypto

BONK is a meme-inspired cryptocurrency token that runs on the Solana blockchain. It also has a unique feature. 

In this article, you will learn about the token’s unique feature, the inspiration behind the name, ‘BONK’, and why it is so popular.

To get started, what is BONK?

What is BONK Crypto?

BONK is a cryptocurrency created on the Solana network. It can be purchased and sold on crypto exchanges like Binance and Coinbase that support Solana-based tokens.

BONK is a memecoin. What is a memecoin? A memecoin is a cryptocurrency named after a character, such as a human, animal, or artwork.

Memecoins are not designed for specific use cases. They are usually inspired by internet memes and jokes. Some memecoins, though, become popular after they have been launched. When this happens, an ecosystem may be built around the digital asset to ensure that it runs smoothly.

Memecoins are often built to run on blockchain networks. They are usually identified with their characters’ animated images. Many tokens fall into this category, and BONK is one of them.

BONK, which is Solana’s most popular memecoin, is a dog-themed token. It was inspired by the original ‘BONK’ memes where a dog character known as Cheems was being bonked on the head.

Similar to Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and Dogwifhat, BONK features a cute dog as its logo. However, it has a unique feature that makes it stand out among other memecoins.

BONK’s Tokenomics: A Key Feature

BONK’s tokenomics, or token economics, refers to its supply and burning mechanism.

BONK’s Total Supply

The total supply of BONK is pegged at 100 trillion tokens. Currently, more than 60% of the maximum supply has been issued and is in circulation.

This limited supply is an important unique feature because it aims at increasing the value of the tokens.

BONK’s Burning Mechanism

The burning mechanism is another aspect of BONK’s key feature.

This is how it works: Each time a transaction involving BONK is made on the blockchain, a certain percentage of the token is permanently removed from circulation.

This approach gradually reduces the token’s total supply of 100 trillion and the number of tokens in circulation. It also encourages BONK users to hold their tokens rather than sell them because it serves as a means of rewarding users who buy and hold their tokens.

Ultimately, the burning mechanism aims at increasing the value of the tokens and strengthening their worth over time. This is because the lesser the supply, the higher the value of a token.

Who Created the BONK Coin?

BONK was created by a team consisting of 20 Solana developers and builders. It was launched with a massive airdrop on 25th December, 2022 on the Solana blockchain. 

The idea behind BONK’s launch was to create a fun memecoin that will be used across all the decentralized applications built on the Solana network. During the launch, 50% of the total supply of 100 trillion coins were randomly distributed to Solana users who contributed to the growth of the network. 

This distribution was done anonymously and without prior announcement or marketing. Recipients of the free distribution included users who were developers, Non-Fungible Token (NFT) holders, and active community members. 

Bonk’s Multiple Interpretations

The name Bonk has many interpretations in different fields. Some of these fields include gaming, computer science, sports, and others. 

The word “bonk” is also used as slang in casual settings.

Video Gaming

In video gaming, Bonk implies a moment of loss and defeat, one that every gamer hates to experience.

Computer Science

In computer science, Bonk is used when a character with malicious intentions overwhelms a server with requests, causing it to crash.


In cycling, bonking refers to a state of extreme tiredness caused by low glycogen levels in the body.

Just like in computer science, bonking in sports describes a situation where the body is unable to perform as much as it used to due to low energy levels.

In the cryptocurrency world, however, these interpretations do not fit. This is because cryptocurrencies and their networks are designed to be more resilient and withstand attacks. 

Components of the BONK Ecosystem

The BONK ecosystem refers to the combination of all the platforms and services that contribute to the functionality and smooth running of the BONK token. 

The BONK ecosystem is classified into two broad components which work together to enhance the value of the token. They also provide the users with a wide range of options for utilizing their BONK tokens.

The two components are BonkSwap and BonkVault.

BonkSwap: Trading Platform

BonkSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) platform within the BONK ecosystem. This platform allows BONK users to trade their tokens swiftly and interact with other cryptocurrencies.

BonkSwap enhances the utility of BONK because it makes it possible for users to smoothly trade their BONK tokens for other cryptocurrencies within the ecosystem.

BonkVault: Secure Storage

BonkVault is a wallet within the BONK ecosystem. This wallet allows BONK users to store their digital assets and maintain full control over their private keys.

BonkVault is an important component of the BONK ecosystem because it addresses a valid concern: security. Crypto users are generally concerned about the security of their digital assets and rightly so.

BonkVault is a non-custodial wallet that ensures that BONK users can securely store their tokens and possess complete control over their private keys.

The security concerns addressed by BonkVault promote the utility of the token and make it more attractive to crypto investors.

Why is BONK so Popular?

Since its launch, the BONK token has gained visibility and popularity in the cryptocurrency market. Currently, it is the sixth largest memecoin and 63rd largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

Shortly after the BONK token’s launch in December 2022, the value of Solana’s native cryptocurrency, SOL, rose from a little over $8 to $13. This rise may be a result of the recognition gained by BONK on the Solana blockchain. 

The BONK token owes its popularity to a variety of factors, as explained below.

  • Clever Marketing Strategy

The BONK token’s journey to great recognition in the cryptocurrency market began with its viral marketing campaign on TikTok. Over time, BONK has leveraged viral marketing to build awareness and visibility.

This marketing strategy is clever because memes and humor on social media have been found to be very effective in drawing people’s attention to the crypto space. For new and less-popular cryptocurrency assets, social media marketing has proven to be effective in driving traffic in the crypto market and creating an engaging audience.

  • The Solana Platform

Another reason behind BONK’s popularity may be related to its existence on the Solana platform. Solana is a well-known blockchain in the cryptocurrency space. This may greatly influence the popularity that the memecoin currently enjoys.

  • Listing on Popular Centralized Exchanges

BONK is listed on well-known centralized exchanges (CEX) such as Binance and Coinbase, which may be another factor contributing to its popularity.

Is BONK a Good Crypto Investment?

Compared to other cryptocurrencies, BONK’s market value is relatively low. This may signal possible future growth.

Another pointer is that a significant percentage of the total supply of BONK has been burned. This may indicate the ecosystem’s level of sustainability. 

The token’s rise from a free airdrop to the most popular memecoin on the Solana blockchain may also serve as a basis for reasoning that it may continue to trend for an extended period.

However, it accurately explains how unpredictable the cryptocurrency space can be. High volatility, which is one of the core features of cryptocurrency, can really affect investments in BONK. The value of the BONK token can significantly change at any time.

Investment in BONK requires a deep understanding of its potential pros and cons. For example, the pattern of its growth shows that it relies strongly on viral marketing.

Again, new memecoins designed in the future may become more popular, causing the hype around BONK to fade. When this happens, the value of the token may drop significantly.

Recognizing that cryptocurrency investment is associated with high risks should help you, as an investor or trader, use good judgment while making an investment decision. 

Investment decisions should not be made hastily. Rather, they should be influenced by enough knowledge and adequate research.


BONK is a meme-inspired cryptocurrency token created on the Solana blockchain. It has a maximum supply of 100 trillion, and more than 60% of this limited supply has been burned.

BONK’s burning mechanism gradually reduces the total number of tokens in circulation and encourages users to hold rather than sell their assets.

As with other cryptocurrencies, BONK is a highly unpredictable token. Before investing in it, you should do diligent research and evaluate the risks involved.