Top Three Cryptocurrencies to Watch This Week

Cryptocurrencies to Watch Chart

BNB and the rest of the crypto market are seeing a lot of gains at this time. When predictions of an impending downtrend fill the space, sudden increases take over. This has been the trend over the last seven days.

Nonetheless, this trend had a significant effect on the global cryptocurrency market cap. For the first time in almost a year, the crypto market’s valuation is above $2 trillion. Starting the previous intraweek session, the sector under consideration was valued at $1.97 trillion. A closer look at the chart suggests that trading continued flatly for the most part before a small breakout on Sunday. As a result of this change in trend, it crossed $2 trillion.

Nonetheless, the close suggests that the industry failed to register any significant gains during this period. On the other hand, some altcoins had notable increases during this session amidst the flat trades.

One such asset was Uniswap. The asset surged by more than 40% during this period. It is also worth noting that a bulk of the surge took place on Friday as it cruised past several resistance. It was heading for the $13 resistance but had strong rejections at $12.8.

With a focus on the new week, most cryptocurrencies are on the uptrend. Will this pattern last for the whole week?

‏Top Three Cryptocurrencies to Watch



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