Top Three Cryptocurrencies to Watch This Week (April 17)


Although most cryptocurrencies had a splendid performance during the previous week, the present is looking a bit grim. However, it is worth noting that we observed significant increases in the prices of major crypto assets, which also showed up in global cryptocurrency market capitalization.

The industry began the previous seven-day session at $1.18 trillion. Significant gains were made on Monday, although they only occurred as the week’s end approached. The industry reached its high of $1.287 T during this time. Unfortunately, it experienced a slight downturn and closed at $1.28 T, representing a rise of less than 5%.

Nevertheless, some crypto assets helped to support the increases. CSPR, which gained more than 36% during the preceding intraweek session, was one among the top gainers at the time. Other alternatives followed with rises between 20% and 30%.