Top Three Cryptocurrencies to Watch This Month (Mar 12)

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With the bulls market in full swing, most top coins are returning to levels they haven’t in more than two years. One is setting a new all-time high while memecoins are on the rampage in the crypto market. All this happened during the previous intraweek session.

In the last seven days, cryptocurrency has seen impressive growth in its value. The previous week was opened at $2.38 trillion. Nonetheless, it lost momentum after dropping to its lowest for the session when it hit $2.42 trillion. As a result, it dropped to a low of $2.36 trillion. It soon recovered as seen in the chart.

The sector climaxed at $2.62 trillion, near the end of the period being considered but closed a little low. Within the week of the previous session, it ended with more than a 5% gain.

Some of the top gainers over the last seven days were meme coins. So many of them were hosted by the Solana Ecosystem, one of which is Dogwifhat. This asset gained more than 40% following its launch. Other meme assets though still under, may get introduced to the market formally in the coming days. Will an escalation in price be seen like the previous meme assets?

Nonetheless, the week is currently looking robust with volatility.

Top Three Cryptocurrencies to Watch