Top Five Cryptocurrencies to Watch This Week (Feb 27)

Cryptocurrencies to Watch November

The top five cryptocurrencies to watch this week are assets with a lot of potential. The performance of the cryptocurrency market, however, was one of the worst this month.

The previous intraweek session began with it at $1.12 trillion. Throughout the session, a series of bearish moves led to a steady fall in the sector’s valuation. At $1.06 trillion, the final result represented a loss of about 6%.

Although the FEDs were mostly to blame for this decline, it is important to remember that prior to the release by the minute, many people feared the worse. Most assets that reached their respective peaks then reversed course.

There was other news that circulated. For $13 million, ARK purchased shares of Coinbase ($COIN). Since the beginning of the year, more shares from Coinbase have been purchased by the Cathie Wood-managed company than by any other single buyer.

In other developments, the 120,000 ETH that Jump Trading’s cryptocurrency division Jump Crypto lost in February 2022 due to a Wormhole protocol was found. The company retrieved it from the hacker as he proceeded to launder the money on Oasis network.

There are currently no indications of any impending significant fundamentals as the new week gets underway. To get an idea of how some assets might fare, we look at the chart.

Top Five Cryptocurrencies to Watch