Here’s Why TapSwap Postponed Token Launch and Airdrop to Q3

TapSwap memecoin

TapSwap has observed considerable interest surrounding its plans to list on Tier 1 exchanges and execute a substantial airdrop.

TapSwap, a popular tap-to-earn game on Telegram, announced on Monday that it has delayed its highly anticipated token launch to the third quarter of 2024. The project also stated that the airdrop, where free cryptocurrency is given directly to users’ wallets, will happen simultaneously with the token launch.

Initially scheduled for May 30, the airdrop was pushed back to July 1 due to an influx of bots trying to exploit the system. TapSwap has garnered significant interest in its plans to list on top-tier exchanges and conduct a substantial airdrop.

The team explained that the token generation event was postponed to refine their strategy. TapSwap has become a major player globally, ranking among the top in the industry. The attention has attracted both leaders and scammers in the community, prompting them to require more time for detailed tokenomics and the right launch strategy.

They emphasized that the additional time aims to ensure a fair and profitable Q3 launch for all supporters. “The whole point is that you’ll actually benefit from this,” TapSwap stated on X.

Token Allocation Plans

Launched in February, TapSwap, similar to Notcoin, rewards users for tapping their phone or computer screens. The game has rules and limits on the number of tokens users can earn based on their level and boasts over 50 million players.

In a recent Ask-Me-Anything session on X, TapSwap highlighted that a significant portion of tokens will go to the community. They did not specify the timeline for the TAPS token launch on The Open Network (TON) or disclose airdrop eligibility requirements, promising updates once the tokenomics are finalized.

The project pledged to be thorough with its token allocation for the airdrop. They mentioned implementing a monitoring system to observe user behavior and identify accounts that should be banned. Additionally, TapSwap is considering offering unscrupulous users the option to voluntarily forfeit a portion of the airdrop, aiming to create a win-win situation for everyone involved.