SEC Warns Against $DAVIDO Memecoin Investment


The Commission stressed that memecoins lack fundamental value and are primarily speculative.

The Securities and Exchange Commission of Nigeria (SEC) has responded to concerns about a newly launched cryptocurrency called $DAVIDO, reportedly linked to Nigerian music star Davido. The SEC cautioned the public that investing in memecoins like $DAVIDO carries significant risks and should only be done with a thorough understanding of these risks.

$DAVIDO was launched on May 29 in partnership with blockchain platforms Phantom and Solana, gaining popularity quickly. However, reports suggest that some investors have experienced losses and have criticized the project as potentially fraudulent.

SEC Clarifies its Position on Memecoins

In a recent statement, the SEC explained that memecoins are cryptocurrencies inspired by internet memes and jokes. They are often seen as playful and promoted heavily on social media, sometimes with celebrity endorsements. However, the SEC emphasized that these coins are not designed to be widely accepted as payment for goods and services, nor do they represent traditional financial products like stocks or bonds.

The SEC clarified its regulatory stance by stating that $DAVIDO is not recognized as an investment product or an asset class under its supervision. Therefore, individuals who choose to invest in it are doing so at their own risk. The Commission stressed that memecoins lack fundamental value and are primarily speculative. “The general public is further WARNED that investing in meme coins, including $DAVIDO, is highly risky and should be done with a full understanding of the associated risk,” the SEC stated.

Capital market operators were also warned against associating with such instruments that fall outside its regulatory oversight, emphasizing that they should not be distributed or monitored through capital market mechanisms. The SEC reiterated its commitment to monitoring developments in this space and will use its regulatory powers when necessary.

In conclusion, the SEC advised the general public to exercise caution when dealing with memecoins like $DAVIDO and to thoroughly research and understand the risks involved before investing. They emphasized the speculative nature of these coins and their limited use beyond internet communities. Investors and stakeholders are urged to stay informed and to avoid investments that are not within the SEC’s regulatory framework.