OKX to List Tensor and Open TNSR/USDT Trading

OKX, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, has announced it will list Tensor (TNSR) in its trading platform alongside the TNSR/USDT trading pair, offering users an additional option for trading and investment in the crypto market. 

What is Tensor (TNSR)?

Tensor Protocol is a smart contract autonomous protocol based on the Solana blockchain. The project brands itself as “the Blur of Solana.” The team received $3 million in seed round financing led by the Placeholder. Investors in the seed round include Solana Ventures, Alliance DAO, Big Brain Holdings, and Solana co-founders Anatoly Yakovenko and Raj Gokal.  

OKX’s decision to list TNSR shows the exchange’s commitment to providing its users access to various digital assets. The platform has been actively expanding its offerings and services to meet the needs of crypto enthusiasts and investors worldwide.

OKX’s objective is to enable decentralized machine learning and artificial intelligence applications, which makes it a compelling addition to the firm’s lineup of supported tokens.

The exchange also noted that TNSR deposits will begin at 04:00 UTC on April 8, 2024, and TNSR/USDT spot trading will begin at 15.15 UTC on the same day and month. OKX added that TNSR withdrawals will begin at 15.15 UTC on April 9, 2024.   

Coinbase Adds for TNSR to Listing Plan

Meanwhile, crypto exchange Coinbase announced via the social media platform X that it’s adding TNSR to its listing roadmap.  

“It’s kind of like Amazon or something like that, where a product might have three stars, or it might have five stars, but if it starts to get one star consistently, it’s probably fraudulent or defective or something, and maybe Amazon will remove it. Otherwise, you want to let the market decide what these things are,” Coinbase CEO said concerning the TNSR token. 

According to data analytics platform TIEXO, Tensor has periodically surpassed Magic Eden, a fellow Solan-based NFT marketplace, in trading volume.   

At the time of writing, Tensor had the highest number of unique wallets and the most newly generated wallets in the last 24 hours.