Iggy Azaleas’ $Mother Memecoin Jumps by 30%, Here’s Why

Iggy Azaleas' Mother Memecoin

Iggy Azalea’s $Mother starts the week with a bullish trend, surging 30% as she hits investors with exciting news.

As data from Coinmarketcap revealed, the Solana-based Memecoin has started the day with bullish momentum, jumping more than many others in the ecosystem. While other celebrity memecoins have not performed so well, $Mother has shown resilience as Azalea keeps it alive, building a solid community of her fans and other crypto investors.  

Azalea Relaunches Former Telecommunication Company

In a recent X (formerly Twitter) post, Azalea revealed that she will reestablish the telecommunications company she co-founded years ago with additional unique services. She said, “Tomorrow, I’m finally relaunching the telecommunication company I co-founded.” 

Following the announcement, Azalea’s memecoin $Mother surged by more than 30% despite the significant decline in memecoin interest within the past 24 hours, as investors saw this as a positive development. 

The Australian rapper mentioned one of the amazing features of the relaunch: “You will be able to purchase phones or month-to-month cell plans using $MOTHER or Sol.” She revealed that $Mother holders could purchase mobile phones and monthly cell phone subscription plans from the company and pay with the memecoin or the native Solana token, $Sol.

Additionally, Sphere Labs will handle the payment framework, while Unreal Mobile will provide the phone services. 

In concluding the announcement, Azalea added that the ad campaign and rollout for the reestablished telecommunication company will be released later this week, building further anticipation for what will come.

With the introduction of this new utility, the price of $Mother has rallied upward as investors become more interested in the memecoin as a good investment opportunity compared to other celebrity memecoins. 

Other Celebrity Memecoins Review

Azalea is not the only artist to launch a token or memecoin in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. 

Two weeks ago, Nigerian artist David Adeleke launched a memecoin by his industry name, $Davido, which gained the attention of many fans and crypto investors. However, the hype lasted barely six hours as the coin significantly reduced value, leaving investors in losses. Currently, $Davido is 77% below its all-time high.

While $Davido and other celebrity memecoins are not living up to the hype, Azalea’s $Mother has gained popularity as a celebrity memecoin that has maintained value over time.