Solana’s Jupiter Hits New Milestone With Over 2 Million Wallets


The number of unique wallets engaging with Jupiter Exchange is on a steady rise, now surpassing two million. 

The latest monthly reports reveal that Jupiter Exchange has maintained its position as the leading exchange on the Solana blockchain, interacting with over two million unique wallets since its launch.  

Jupiter Interacts With More Than Two Million Wallets

Since its deployment in October 2021, Jupiter Exchange has been an engaging platform offering decentralized on-chain services. These interactive features make it the most used exchange in the Solana ecosystem. 

Based on information from Jupiter Station, Jupiter has settled an average of about two million transactions worth more than $1.2 billion daily over the past thirty days. Also, Jupiter has reached a new high, processing transactions from over two million wallets.

Jupiter Rewards Enthrals New Users

To increase the number of wallet users interacting with Jupiter, the exchange rewarded its active users earlier this year with Jup, its newly launched token, and promised to continue with the same process, guerdoning new and old users who remain active every January.

Jupiter’s native token, Jup, launched this January, has caught the interest of investors. After launching at $0.3, its price jumped to $1.84 within two months. However, amidst the current dump in the cryptocurrency market, it trades strongly on the $1 mark with a market cap above $1.3 billion

Jupiter Introduces New Features to Attracts More Users

Jupiter Exchange prides itself on providing a seamless cryptocurrency-swapping experience on Solana. It serves as a bridge between various crypto networks, offering a unique advantage over other exchanges. 

Moreover, Jupiter facilitates Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA), a strategic investment method that involves acquiring a specific cryptocurrency at a predetermined time using a fixed amount of money. While mainly centralized exchanges offer derivatives trading, Jupiter allows on-chain perpetuals trading via the exchange.  

To bolster trust, Jupiter has helped users who were victims of wallet drain to recover their tokens. 

Further, Jupiter has revealed an upcoming launch of the Jupiter Mobile App, a mobile application designed to promote faster transactions on the exchange without visiting the web and connecting wallets.