Dogecoin Crashes Through $0.1 Support as Whale Sells 400M Coins


Despite the recent sell-off, the whale address still holds a substantial amount of Dogecoin, with Blockchair data showing it retains 379.80 million DOGE, valued at $36.59 million.

Dogecoin, the largest meme cryptocurrency by market cap, has sparked widespread speculation across the global crypto landscape. Recently, the broader crypto market’s bearish movement caused a significant price drop for DOGE in the past 24 hours.

One major factor in this decline was the transfer of 400 million DOGE by a whale to Binance. Following this large transfer, DOGE lost its crucial support level of $0.1. At press time, its price had fallen 16.20% to $0.09563. This event has fueled bearish sentiment about the asset’s potential for future gains.

The on-chain transaction tracker Whale Alert on X reported that 400 million DOGE, worth $41.08 million, was moved to Binance on July 5 by the Dogecoin whale address DU8gP.

Whale Activity and Market Sentiment

Market sentiment has shifted significantly, reflecting a loss of confidence in DOGE’s short-term potential. However, the whale address still holds a substantial amount of Dogecoin. Data from Blockchair shows that the address retains 379.80 million DOGE, valued at $36.59 million. Earlier this year, Whale Alert reported that this same address had accumulated approximately 1 billion DOGE from Binance. This suggests that the whale is strategically offloading DOGE holdings amid this year’s bull cycle.

Despite recent volatility, DOGE has surpassed 90 million total addresses. This increase indicates ongoing interest and commitment from investors, which is crucial for the cryptocurrency’s long-term growth and stability. 

As Dogecoin moves through these price points, investors and traders are attentively monitoring key technical indicators and market trends to determine its future trajectory. The cryptocurrency market remains volatile and is influenced by various factors, such as regulatory developments, macroeconomic trends, and investor sentiment towards digital assets.

Dogecoin’s recent price movements highlight the uncertainty in the crypto market. The whale’s significant transfer and the overall bearish trend have caused concern, but the growing number of addresses shows continued interest in the coin. This mix of factors makes the future of Dogecoin an intriguing topic for investors and analysts alike.