Adidas and STEPN Join Forces to Bring NFTs to Solana

a pair of Adidas sneakers

Fashion and sportswear giant Adidas has announced a long-term partnership with popular move-to-earn platform STEPN, to launch Adidas sneakers non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Solana blockchain.

Adidas, founded on August 18, 1949, is known for its distinct designs and marketing strategies. It is seizing the opportunity to explore the digital collectible market.

Adidas and STEPN to Revolutionize the Lifestyle Ecosystem

The German company, the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and the second largest in the world, seeks to leverage STEPN’s expertise in blockchain technology to create unique and exclusive digital assets that resonate with its global fan base. 

According to STEPN, the collaboration goes beyond NFTs, as both firms will work towards revolutionizing the lifestyle ecosystem to inspire users to have a more active lifestyle. 

“We are proud to announce that we are teaming up with @adidas and @altsbyadidas for a long-term collaboration, to revolutionize the lifestyle app ecosystem, and bring global adoption to @fslweb3,” STEPN said in a tweet.  

1,000 Genesis Sneaker NFTs for Grabs

Furthermore, the partnership will consist of multiple activations meant to provide a full experience to the community.  The collaboration also promises to provide 1,000 co-branded Genesis Sneaker NFTs on Solana (SOL), exclusive perks for holders, and much more.     

The project noted that the co-branded Genesis Sneakers will be raffled on its marketplace. Additionally, the move-to-earn firm emphasized that priority will be given to the Adidas and FSL communities, with the first day only accessible through an allowlist, including Adidas NFT holders, membership level 5 and above, Badge or Genesis Holders, OG and Genesis holders, and owners of the “Effective Mover 6” Badge.   

With raffle scheduled to open to the public on April 18, STEPN urged users to beware of scams and to always double-check an account’s authenticity before clicking on any links.